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Elementary Administration

HS/MS Administration

Miss Anderson, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Baum, Mathematics

Mr. Bohr, Learning Center

Mrs. Bryce, Guidance

Mrs. Callan, Library Director

Ms. Close, Special Education

Mrs. Cox, 4th Grade

Mrs. Davidson, 2nd Grade

Mr. DeVaul, PE

Mr. Farrell, Health

Miss Fey, Reading

Mrs. Forbes, Language Arts

Mr. Gretch, Special Education

Mrs. Haman, 5th Grade

Mr. Harshman, Social Studies

Mrs. Herr, Nurse/Health Academy

Mrs. Hotka, Kindergarten

Ms. Howard, Computer Education

Miss Huston, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Johnson, Special Education

Miss Knutson, Science

Mrs. Lacina, Instructional Coach

Miss Lovgren, Preschool

Mrs. Mahoney, Vocational Agriculture

Mrs. McCarty, Instructional Coach/Comp I/II & Fiction

Mrs. McDowell, Math/Keyboarding

Mrs. McGarvey, Art

Mrs. Nebergall, 1st Grade

Miss Oblander, Spanish

Mr. Pierson, Science

Miss Ploeger, 5th Grade

Mrs. Reeves, Preschool

Mrs. Smith, Music

Miss Sojka, Mathematics

Miss Sorensen, Band

Mr. Squiers, PE

Mr. Struck, English

Mrs. TeBockhorst, ELP/Social Studies

Miss Teubel, 1st Grade

Mrs. Viner, Title 1/Reading Recovery

Mrs. White, Family and Consumer Science

Ms. Wilson, Kindergarten

Mrs. Wright, 4th Grade

Miss Yaeger, 3rd Grade


Home Page for Mrs. Reeves, Preschool

My name is Joan Reeves. This is my eighth year teaching preschool. I taught kindergarten in the past and gave students support in reading. I still love reading and value its importance to learning and pleasure. My husbandís name is Michael. We have four children-Micah, Matthew, Joanna and Mark. Two of our children just finished college, Matthew and Mark. Micah and Joanna have graduated from college. Micah and his wife, Katie have a little girl, Evelyn and are expecting in September. Our daughter, Joanna and her husband, Derrick have a baby boy, Isaac and a little girl, Aliza. Mark was married this summer to Kortlan. I enjoy gardening, love flowers. And I love picture books.

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